The Tosowoong brush

Between two concerts, I’m taking the time to tell you about my new favourite beauty accessory, the Tosowoong brush !

I drastically reduced the amount of products in my bathroom this year, I couldn’t stand switching between products, so I only kept the best of the best… I sold my Clarisonic brush because I wasn’t really using it that much, so when I got offered to try the “softer” equivalent coming from South Korea, I didn’t hesitate !

The Tosowoong brush

It is sold online on a lot of drugstore websites (the complete list here) for approximately 28€. It might seem expensive for a brush, but it’s actually made of almost 310 000 extra thin fibres, on a very sturdy brush !

The fibres are actually synthetic, because the natural fibres tend to attract more bacteria and wear out faster, so the synthetic brush is made to last, and is more hygienic (I read a blogger’s review who was saying she has been using it for a year and hasn’t lost any visible fibre).

You can’t really see the texture of the brush on my pictures because it hadn’t time to dry, since I use it everyday, but the fibres are extra-soft and thin, go have a look on the internet to see what they look like when they’re dry !


I’ve been testing it for a month now, and I wouldn’t stop for anything in the world ! It has nothing to do with the Clarisonic. You can use it with or without a cleanser (but the action will be less potent) and it cleans the skin and the pores REALLY gently. Lately I was only putting oils on my face, and I was kind of skeptical about the brush, but after only a week of using it, I saw a real difference in my skin. The Clarisonic was good, but way too aggresive for my skin on the long run, this one is perfect for a daily use, and really helps me keep my skin perfect.

I can only recommend trying out the Tosowoong, I haven’t find it any flaw, except maybe the fact that it’s not really practical to tranport when you travel… It really cleans your skin (I clearly have less blackheads), and makes it soft and above all, it’s replacing all the masks you use to exfoliate your skin, for the same (or even better) result !


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