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If there’s one scent that makes me crazy (other than jasmine), it’s the fig’s. So now every time I find a product with that scent, I go have a sniff and I quickly get it… here are the two latest products !

The first one is the fig hand cream, or should I say the whole fig line from & Other Stories. This scent is to die for, it’s not too strong, but just enough to make you want to reapply it on your hands every two minutes. What’s more, the cream is really moisturising and the packaging is super cute and handy to use, I have one at my desk and one in my bathroom, just to be sure I always have some. I’m also planning on buying the travel size next time I go to one of the stores, to always have it on me, it looks like a small gouache tube <3 The whole line is available in & Other Stories stores or on their website !


As for the second product, it’s the Italian Summer eau de toilette from The Body Shop ! I was invited to discover the new Spa line from the brand when the sales assistant offered me to chose an eau de toilette from the “Voyage” line… it wasn’t long before I realised that the Italian Summer smelt exactly like the fig hand cream from & Other Stories <3 You can imagine I didn’t hesitate too long…

The eau de toilette is available at The Body Shop for 30€, which is rather afordable compared to how long it lingers (I can smell it all day long). FYI, the rest of the fig line, and all the other eaux de toilettes are really good as well, I almost got the jasmine one, and the fig body cream, but decided that I should slow down on perfumes and body creams, because it’s the kind of thing you rarely finish when you have ten of them…

Here you go, in a nutshell, if you’re a fan of the scent of fig, I highly recommend these two products and the rest of their line, for the fan of the fig hand cream from & Other Stories that I am, The Body Shop perfume was kind of the discovery of the year… so I want to share it !

Have a nice day !

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