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For this new year, I thought an online agenda would be enough… In the end, my love for to-do lists and organizing in general quickly made me changed my mind. So this summer I went on a quest for the new agenda that would follow me, and I ended up finding the Holy Grail, the agenda.

So, I wanted a handy agenda, but I also wanted it to be pretty and fun. I was on the edge of ordering another Frankie Diary when I found the one. It is absolutely PERFECT and I’m not surprised by its success.


To start with, the agenda is not a year-long, it’s 17 months, that way you don’t have to choose between scholar year and civil year, and it make the transition with my previous agenda smoother, since it goes from August 2015 to December 2016.

Second handy device, the tabs ! It took the only useful thing from the homework note-book, and allows you to go quickly to a particular month, and there’s also a bookmark to go directly to the current week.



What makes this agenda perfect is the possibility to have a monthly overview, which was missing from a lot of agendas I think. I like having that monthly vision, it gives me an overall vision of what I have to do. There is also the classic weekly presentation, and there is no wasted space, there’s a lot of space to write what you need.



And even though there’s not wasted space, there are still fun pages to make the agenda more enjoyable… Smalls drawings, stickers, there is even an insert in which you can put small stuff at the end of the agenda. I personally put a sticky-notes pad so that I can add notes on my pages when I’m missing space, sticky-notes are also handy when you want to be able to move tasks from one week to another so as to not forgot about them.


In a nutshell, I am won over, it’s the first agenda that exactly matches all my expectations, and I think I’m not the only one, because it’s sold out practically everywhere… I bought mine on Bird on the wire but you can find it in stock on Amazon US or Paper Source (but the shipping costs aren’t really nice)… Otherwise it is available in other patterns on the official shop !


Good luck for everyone who is going back to school or back to work, I’m heading to Southwest France with Nunien, I’ll give you news very soon !




Have a nice week 🙂

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