Reunion island : Sea trip

I’m back to continue telling you about my trip to Reunion Island with themed posts before the big recap with a video. So as to not bore you with these beautiful landscapes, the posts will combine with the regular articles (outfits/beauty/etc) for the next weeks, so here is the story of a day in the sea to watch dolphins and whales with a summery outfit and a short video !

There are a few options to go whale watching, on the internet, I had spotted the “Grand bleu” option, it was only 30€, but our family there convinced us to pay 67€ to embark on the Cata passion, a catamaran that only boards ten people (that day we were 8, whereas they have around 40 people on the “Grand bleu” boats) and we didn’t regret choosing that !


The catamaran is beautiful and fully equipped, with unlimited drinks and meals throughout the day, and usually, when there’s no shark alert, they also have gears for water sports. The staff is adorable, the boat spacious enough so you’re not stuck with other people all the time and the sail was really smooth, there’s no risk of getting seasick. It is completely worth the 67€ for 4 hours when you compare it to the other services, so if you want to go on a sea trip and see dolphins and whales (or just to enjoy some time on the sea), I can only advise you to check out the Cata passion! Next time I come here, I think I will go for the full day onboard, because 4 hours fly by way too fast !



Let’s move on with my outfit ! Here’s my new beloved H&M rompers, that I bought almost reluctantly because it cost 40€, but I made it profitable quickly because I wore it constantly during the holiday ! It is super comfy and I love the cut !



Let’s move on to business, shall we ? If we went on a sea trip, it wasn’t just to enjoy the beautiful view, but to see whales. During summer (which is winter in Reunion Island), whales come to give birth to their baby and they take care of it for a few months in the warm waters before going north for the rest of the year.

There’s something you should know. Whales are kind of a phobia for me, something I really can’t explain, it goes far beyond my fear of insects, and it explains why I’ve been afraid of going in the water since I was a teenager, wether there are actually whales where I swim or not. I still don’t know where it came from, maybe a trauma from Pinocchio, but anyway, I was kind of (really) stressing over this sea trip, I almost didn’t come. In the end, I went, I hold on to the catamaran’s net for the first 20 minutes, and then I calmed down, because the sea was really calm that day and there was no risk for the boat to tip over (even though as everyone was drinking, I was praying that no whales would suddenly appear underneath the boat).


And there, can you see it ? The small splash in the middle of the picture ? It was at that moment that our hearts started beating real fast, because the whales song started. It was a crazy sound, that I had never heard before ! It was also at that moment that I started freaking out, because after all, you realise that that small bump you see at the surface of the water is only the teeny tiny visible part of the iceberg, and that there, 30 meters from us, is a thing that is 20 meters long, with its “small” baby of 10 meters.


The baby is actually what we saw most because he was parading in front of everyone. To be honest, I quickly put the camera down, because these instants are so fast that I’d rather enjoy them to the fullest than seeing everything through a lens. I don’t regret not having good quality pictures because we were dazzled, especially when the baby started breeching to show us its white belly, which caused a weird feeling in my stomach as a consequence.


I never thought I would see this one day, first of all because I was freaking out at the idea of being next to these sea giants, but I don’t regret it, it was a fabulous moment and we had a great time on the catamaran, if you’re unsure about doing that during your Reunion Island trip, well don’t, it’s so worth it !




And to end on a high note, we went to see dolphins further away from the coast (because, strangely, whales come closer to the coasts than dolphins) and they put up a show that made us shed some tears ! Until I edit the final video with nice cuts and everything, here’s a small video to have a glimpse at the dolphins dancing around our catamaran !


They were playing with us, jumping, it was awesome to witness, and when we stretched our arms, we could almost touch them, and they seemed to like it !








After that we sailed back to the harbour, wishing we had booked the full-day on the boat, but we had a great time, we even got to see a 2 meters-long turtle swimming peacefully next to the boat <3







On that note, have a great day, I’ll be back soon to talk about home decor and there will be a 1P10S outfit at the end of the week ! In the meantime, tomorrow I’m off to Paris for a Swarovski party and I’m going to try out le bar des coloristes, can’t wait !


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