Highlights #133

Here I am, I have been back in Nantes for a week now ! Coming back is kind of hard, but the workload waiting for me here keeps my mind busy, so I don’t have too much time to think about the pretty sunsets and the sound of the waves from Reunion Island… I’m finally back here to blog (I missed it), starting with a back-to-school highlights post 🙂

Let’s not jump right in with rainy sceneries and agenda pictures, but rather with a picture of toes in the sea, because, with the weather we’re having, it would be too extreme of a dive back into reality.


A few weeks ago, I lost it at Undiz on their My Little Pony, Snow White and South Park collections. Kudos for this brand that makes cool stuff for not too expensive of a price !


Last month, Boudou turned 7, 7 years of hay, carrots and cuddles (and wees on the carpet too) <3 PS : The pictures were printed by Printic !


Starting tomorrow, I’m back to “annoy” you with my holiday in Reunion Island with a new post about whales and dolphins 🙂 In the meantime, you can check the other pictures I made on this beautiful island here !


And now let’s move on to the back-to-school portion ! I went back to work last week already, but it’s only today that everyone started working again, e-mails in plenty, repeated phone calls, we’re off for a busy but exciting season ! Always with me is my brand new Casetify phone case that I absolutely love, thanks to the website for sending it, I might give in and buy another one soon ! FYI, if you order via this link, you will get a coupon for $10 !


Speaking of back-to-school accessories, I bought this little case at H&M to put all the mess that lays on my desk <3


And I added new Tsum Tsum to my collection last time I went to Disneyland Paris (they released the Aladdin collection) !


When I came back from holiday, my new sport shoes (Nike Zoom Pegasus, bought via Sarenza during the sales – affiliate link) were waiting for me in my mailbox, and I tried them right away with Nunien ! We both needed to get back to exercising , and our first run went better than my sessions last year when I couldn’t run more than 1K ! I don’t think it has anything to do with the shoes, it’s more because my heath really improved since I stopped taking the pill. I’ll talk about it in more details, but I sort of “deflated” since I stopped it two months ago… and my sinuses that used to be tortured by the hormones are giving me a break (I breathe better, so exercising is less hard). Anyway, I’ll write a recap about my transition from the pill to the copper IUD in a few weeks/months, once I have more thoughts and perspective on it !


Two days later, the second session made me feel really good since I reached the goal I had set ! Next time ? 3K !

Before leaving for the week end, we received (in partnership with the website) the splendid Sloan carpet from the carpet website Benuta, I will talk more about it next week with a first insight into our home, but I can already tell you that it’s super pretty 🙂


And Boudou already loves it !


During the week end, we went to Anjou to enjoy some down time with friends from the Burn me baby blog <3


They even made a sweet little video about our activities (special shoutout to the small boat stroll and branches in our faces ^^), thank you buddies, it was a really great weekend in the vineyards !

When we got back, we discovered that Boudou was even more in love with the new carpet, he’s always on it, and even found some hidding spot in the apartment.


On that note, see you tomorrow for a look post on a catamaran with dolphins in the background (that’s some real teasing) !

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