My top 10 albums of 2015

My positive points for 2015 (and for everyone else I think) fit in 140 characters on Twitter, but fortunately, the year hasn’t be dark on all matters, because we got some great musical releases… So, instead of going on about that cr*ppy year, here is my top 10 albums of 2015 that I’ve loved the most and that took my mind off things. I hope you will find new discoveries for you !


On that note, I’m going to be away for a few days because I’m starting a 22 hour long journey to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Edimbourg and end this year with a concert of Biffy Clyro, probably the best way ever to start 2016 <3

Editors – In dream

My album of the year, the musical gem I will listen to for several years, one fo my favourite albums from the band, oscillating between rock and new wave. I talked about it in more details here if you want to know more, but in any case, if you’ve never listened to Editors, you really should because they are going to be in a lot of French festival next summer…

Arcane Roots – Heaven & Earth

They were the guest band for Biffy Clyro’s concert at the Trianon in 2013, and I remembered their energy was pretty crazy… I definitely fell in love with their music in May when I saw them at King Tut’s, a small concert hall in Glasgow, where I’ve rarely seen bad concerts, and I decided to see them again last october in London, which was one of the best decision of the year because it was probably one of the best concerts I have ever seen. Their last EP was released in October (on the day of their London concert), it’s both soft and violent, and triggers immediate pleasure right at the first hearing (especially when heard live)… Listen to it ASAP !

Bring me the horizon – That’s the spirit

I have been listening to Bring me the horizon for a little while now, without being an unconditional fan, but still feeling some excitement whenever a new album is released. This year, the band spoiled us : the album is good, and they are touring. I’m not a big fan of the vocoder effect that is, for me, too present (“Thrones” would have been much better without it, I think) but the album is still going to be a big hit, especially live, and I can’t wait for the Download festival to hear it !

Foals – What went down

Ahlala this album <3 Simple good rock ! I wasn’t really a fan of their previous albums, but I had only heard good things about them live, and their last album confirmed that I would love to see them live in the next months to come. So, finger crossed, and in the meantime, let’s listen in a loop to their aerial riffs !

The Lafontaines – Class

God bless my concert pal for this discovery ! The Lafontaines are “class”, to quote them, and they perfectly mix rock and rap without being like anything already existing like Rage against the machine or Limp Bizkit… It’s cool, it livens things up, and cherry on the top, they’re from Scotland, so you should really give it a try, or two 🙂

Vennart – The demon joke

Speaking of Scotland… Mike Vennart or “Vennart” is right out from a tour with Biffy Clyro as their rhythm guitarist and he started recording a solo album more than good ! If you’re a guitarist, you’re going to enjoy listening to this album, and if you’re not, you’re still going to enjoy it, because this album is good on a lot of levels !

Chvrches – Every open eye

I’m still listening in a loop to their first album, and I had high hopes for the second one ! I wasn’t as convinced by it, but it still is a good album, fresh, dynamic, with some rare style and composition !

Eagles of death metal – Zipper down

This album got some publicity it wish it had avoided… In any case, it still is a great album of californian rock, like I love them, fresh, inviting to dance, and that makes you want to go to LA.

Nothing but thieves

They are fairly new to the rock scene, but they have so much energy ! I’ve listened to their album in a loop these past weeks, and it only took me a few listenings to get hooked… The singing voice is powerful, the arrangements are simple but efficient… In a nutshell, I’m going to follow this band with attention because they remind me of all the good things in rock Biffy Clyro style…

Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

It’s far from being the best album he ever recorded, but it is still a very good album, in the same vein as Mechanical Animals, with violent riffs, but also tracks slower and softer, a good mix of styles that makes it interesting. I have to say I also really like the visual style of The Pale Emperor, this opus is far from being botched !

+ Lindemann – Skills in pills

My top 10 is over, but I couldn’t end my post without talking about Skills in Pills de Till Lindemann ! I’m a big fan of Rammstein, so when one of its members decided to have a solo carrer, I’m in ! Or not.

I really like the music and the sound in Skills in Pills, but I’m not really convinced by the fact that Till sings in English. I think that German is one of the biggest strength of Rammstein, it makes their music powerful and unique, and by leaving his mother tongue and singing in English with an accent worse than mine, I feel like his music is losing interest. I completely understand that he chose to sing in English to differentiate himself from Rammstein, but personally, I didn’t enjoy that part ! The album is still in my albums of the year because it is really good music and because I’ve listened to it several times, but it’s not part of my firm favourites. Big positive point : it made me want to listen to Rammstein more, so I can’t wait for the Download festival !

Enjoy the last days of 2015, see you for the New Year ❤️

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