In my suitcase…

I’m soon flying out for Reunion Island ! If I personally have a hard time realising that I’m going to see an erupting volcano and baby whales in only a few days , my suitcase is already ready to leave ! Equipement to take pretty pictures, swimsuits galore… here’s a sneak peak into what I’m bringing with me !

A Kobo e-reader

I used to have a Kobo e-reader a few years ago, but I sold it because I never took the time to read. Now that I’m doing that more when I relax at night without my computer, I bought another one and I’m reading lots of books, and this summer, I won’t read any classical literature, I like reading again my favourites sagas, or the ones I never had time to read before… Harry Potter, Hannibal, the Lord of the Rings, etc. I plan on taking the time to laze by the water with my e-reader !

A Go Pro Hero4 Sessions camera

I will never be able to thank Go Pro enough for this wonderful gift that came along just at the right time ! The Go Pro Hero4 Session camera ! The brand new model from the brand, tiny, more simple and handy ! I won’t do a detailed review right away since I’m still discovering it but I’ll post some pictures and video here and on my Instagram account with the hashtags #Hero4Session and #GoPro so you can identify which pictures I took with this little gem of technology !


FINALLY I’m dusting off my 3DS ! Not without excitement, I ordered the last Pokemon game last week and I’ll dive back into it, I haven’t played since the release of Animal Crossing almost 2 years ago…

Hiking shoes

I never take the time to hike when I’m away, but here it’s going to be the perfect conditions, and since we’re staying 20 days, we’ll definitely have time to check the hiking trails. The brand Aigle kindly sent me a pair of their TENERE hiking boots and they look perfect, I can’t wait to slog everywhere with them on my feet !

All my photography equipment

Last year when we went to Scotland, I had totally forgotten my wide angle lens… that sucked. This time, it’s the first thing I packed ! I’ll try to come back with pretty pictures to show you 🙂

A bunch of swinsuits

Finally an occasion to wear all the swimsuits I have been hoarding. Not that having 6 different swimsuits in Nantes is useless, but I can rarely wear them that much, so I brought them all, and I’ll be able to wear for the first time the latest one that I bought in Biarritz during our stay in the Basque country in May, a beautiful model from Albertine that I payed next to nothing.

Here you are, a small recap of what I’m bringing with me ! Obviously, I’m bringing a lot of other stuff, I didn’t reach 17 kilos of luggages just with 6 swimsuits, but you’ll see the rest in my looks and pictures that I’ll take along the trip ! I hope I’ll be able to come back here soon, but in the meantime, see you soon, I’m off enjoying my vacation !

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