Highlights #132

It has not been that long since I’ve published a highlight post, but I have so many things to show you that I couldn’t wait longer ! After this post, we’ll talk about holiday at the end of the week and I’m not abandoning you since I will also publish looks and special posts from Reunion Island starting next week.

IPhones cases being pretty expensive, I scavenged eBay looking for cute cases, and I found these ones, Tsum-Tsum cases ! You can buy them here for less than $9 ! They are awesome and sturdy, but only drawback… the iPhone is bulkier with them on…

Version 2

A few months ago I participated in the crowding of the brand Le Vero Beauty Parlor, and I received the cute mint #follow headband I had ordered ! I also really like the haters one from the new collection !

Version 2

The website Le Pommier sent me this Tessa Metcalfe ring shaped like pigeon’s claws, it’s made of silver with gold plated details, it’s really cute, I have a hard time showing you all the details, it’s even better in real life 🙂

Version 2

On another note, I’m trying to get rid of my bangs, and it’s going great, I’m resisting and not cutting. My hair is kind of shapeless, but it’s only going to be for a few weeks (or months).

Version 2

An English groceries opened in Nantes, rue des Halles, it’s called Queen & King and it is full of sweets and candies of all types that I usually bring back in my suitcases from London ! It’s not too expensive and there’s a large choice, it’s a place to keep in mind !


Bala Boosté opened an online shop, and you can find a bunch of affordable jewelries, and I received these pretty rings and these extra cute label pin (gift from the brand) !


At the beginning of the month, I went to the festival La Nuit de l’Erdre to see among others Twin Atlantic and Sting, it was awesome and I had hoped to be able to wear my new Timberland shoes (gift from the brand) but the weather decided otherwise…


It was indeed way too hot to wear Timberland shoes, so I went for my classic Converse shoes ! I keep the Timberland ones for the cold days of winter…


The day after La Nuit de l’Erdre, I was already off to Main Square festival with a friend for a crazy day… It started with the Circa Waves concert, my favourite band lately, very fresh and summer-like, and some of their sounds reminded me of Arctic Monkeys’, I highly recommend ! You can listen to their album here on Spotify !


We went to the Main Square Festival to see Twin Atlantic again, and the concert ended up being 10 times stronger than the one from the previous day (maybe because the crowd was ten times bigger) ! The band gave it all and unfortunately it was my last time seeing them this summer 🙁 I can’t wait for October when tours start again !


After this, we went to the other scene to enjoy the concert of Royal Blood, which was pretty great, even though the atmosphere was sort of lukewarm in the audience, a lot of people actually left mid-concert to go and see Muse, because their concert started 10 minutes before the end of Royal Blood’s… But I stayed up until the end because the duo was really good !


Once the show was over, the hardest part was to reach the other scene. I sneaked on the side to try and find my friends, and I ended up bumping into the guitarist from Twin Atlantic, to whom I was able to say a few words before the end of my touring of summer festivals, as luck would have it 🙂 Then I got to enjoy Muse’s concert that was impressively mastered, almost to a fault, it looked like the show was a copy of the studio recording… But it was still awesome to listen to songs like Hysteria or Plug in baby played live !


After this nonstandard day… the next day I rested and I wandered in Paris with friends, to be ready to go to Disneyland Paris the day after that !


It was the ideal way to end the best weekend I’ve had this summer (even if the ones coming aren’t too bad), and I left my friends with a heavy heart at the end of that day at Disneyland Paris :'(


In order to recover from that week-end, I shared on Spotify a playlist rock for the summer, I can find it here !


Last week, I went to the “Ultima” exhibition on video games at Le Lieu Unique. You can learn some things, but most of all you can play some mythic games, I highly recommend going there during the week to be able to actually have access to the controllers, it will last up until the end of September !


L’Autruche came back from holiday and she brought me this awesome Primark T-shirt <3


I totally adopted my Mellow Yellow sandals (in partnership with Spartoo), they are squishy, confortable, and absolutely awesome !


Last week-end, I was invited to Les Vieilles Charrues by Aigle, and I had a great time with Charlotte there <3


The weather was a bit warm, but it was also unsettled, so I wore my boots ! They are the Venise model, and we are far from the cliché of the rubber boots, they are pretty, comfortable and can be worn whatever the temperatures are !


I had picked up a relaxed outfit, with my flower crown, since I wasn’t planning on going into the pit ! If you want details, my jacket is from American Apparel, my dress and my crown are from Asos.


This year, the theme at les Vieilles Charrues was Alice in Wonderland, and all the decors respected the thematic, there were even cheshire cats hidding in trees and glowing at night.



We enjoyed concerts all day long, from Tom Jones to The DO and The Chemical Brothers, which I was impatient to see, and it was awesome!

Back from my week-end, I got a pretty great gift from Go Pro, the new Go Pro Hero4 session camera, and I’m planning on filming a bunch of stuff during my next holiday ! I can’t wait !


Last week, I posted a pastel look on the blog wearing a dress from The Whitepepper !


And by the way, I’m part of the Yelp team for the summer, and the application allows you to write or read reviews on restaurants, hotels, touristic places, etc, and I’m here if you need someone to guide you in Nantes ! You can follow me on the social medias Yelp Nantes or on my profile www.marinefr.yelp.fr/ 🙂


During the weekend, we tried a new place for a mid-afternoon snack with friends, rue des halles in downtown Nantes, called Waffle & Coffee, the waffles are really generous for 5,50€, and you can chose the base and the topping, it’s awesome !


And finally, during the weekend, I received a beautiful memento of our trip to the island of Skye last year, a big print of my favourite picture, printed by Prentu.fr. The print was made on a matte paper and the quality is really good and highlights the soft colours of the picture, I think I’m going to order some more really soon because our walls are empty right now !


On that note, have a great day, and I’ll be back very soon !

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