Feet tattoos

Few months ago, I couldn’t imagine myself with Dr. Martens shoes on my feet. Dr. Martens boots just didn’t fit me and made me feel like I got two puddings instead of legs. Buuuut, one day I had the idea to look further inside the brand collection and found my these  derbies. Pure perfection. And now I’m obsessed with Dr. Martens derbies and I couldn’t resist to these beauties when I saw them in the Carnaby street Dr. Martens shop!


The 15% off made me think even faster and they were on my feet before I even paid them. Little problem since then, I’m in love with tons of other Dr. Martens shoes. I need help to contain myself not buying the whole tattoo collection

So if you love this pair of shoes as much as I do, here is the link to buy them on Spartoo or on the Dr Martens shop!




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