Tsum Tsum mania

Last summer, Tsum Tsum started being sold in France, and I had already written a small post about them… Since then, the Tsum Tsum mania caught on in France (and now I have that Cum-Cum-Mania song stuck in my head, and you too probably, sorry), and I largely expanded my collection and wanted to keep you updated on the new collections and where to buy them !

The collections… They have multiplied since last summer ! Only the most classical were available at the beginning, and from now on, we have access to a ton of collections. There a still some classics, but some other that are really cool, like the Toy Story one, the 101 Dalmatians one, or the special Christmas Tsum Tsum !

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Where to find them ?

– At Disneyland Paris, numerous shops sell them now. There is a wider choice at Emporium in the main park and in the two big shops at Disney Village.

–  At Disney Stores, but the selection is rather reduced.

– And on the Disney store website !

– However, some Tsum Tsum aren’t yet available in France (like Bob and Sully from Monsters, Inc.) and in order to buy them, I go onto the US version of eBay ! If you want to have access to offers not available in France, go into your browser preferences, and pick English as your default language, and just like that you will have access to a lot more offers on eBay, and among them the ones that are usually blocked for French buyers (but make sure that the seller can ship you your order by sending him a message before placing your order). You will be able to find Tsum Tsum unobtainable in France otherwise, and this trick might also help you for other type of online shopping (I use it to buy vinyles from the UK for example) !

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Prices ?

– 5€ for the small size (99cts less than last summer)

– 15€ for the medium size

– 30€ for the large size

Note that the reductions with your annual Disney passes work on Tsum Tsum, My Dream pass is already payed off with the 20% reduction in stores ! The pass also work in the Disney Store and gives you 10% reduction.

 photo IMG_0679.jpg

In a word, here’s where I am at, after only 4 months of collecting… These little things are so cute, I can never resist them ! That being said, it’s a very affordable souvenir to bring back from Disneyland Paris if you don’t buy 50 like I did !

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