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Because I’ve been often out and about at concerts and festivals lately (and soon off to Reunion Islaaaaand), and when I realized the condition of my skin when I got back from my last trip, I decided that I was going to stop using random samples from random brands obtained through beauty subscription boxes instead of my regular products… So I went on a hunt for travel sizes of my favourite products, and here is a small list of my favourites, that you could adopt in full size once you’ve tried the travel size !

DHC deep cleansing oil

DHC Deep cleansing oil, 70ml – 12€ on The Beautyst (affiliate link)

I already talked about it during this test and my opinion remains the same, after a few weeks of use, I saw a clear difference on my skin, and I wouldn’t stop taking my makeup off with oil for anything in the world !

Nuxe Huile prodigieuse

Nuxe Huile prodigieuse, 50 ml – 15€ in French drugstores

I’m addicted to oils, and this one is always with me, I have bottles everywhere, at my desk, in my handbag (the 10ml version), and of course in my vanity when I travel. Do I need to introduce it ? You can use it for everything, and it smells fantastic, it is a must-have, and not just during summer !

Guerlain Météorites

Météorites travel size – Approximately 55€ at duty-free stores

I think l’Autruche still remembers my face when I saw this travel size of the Météorites at Nantes airport. It looked more or less like that. It is my favourite powder, which is usually very annoying to travel with, in a TRAVEL SIZE. It wasn’t cheap, over 50€ if I remember correctly with the small kabuki brush, but there is two pans, so the quantity is fairly good, and it’s so much better to have it on the go ! I was already a big fan of the product, but now I always have it with me !

Benefit face cream Total moisture

Benefit Total moisture – 39€ for the full size, the travel size is in a set (affiliate link)

Usually, my skincare routine is pretty simple, I apply a serum in the morning and a nourishing cream at night after having taken my makeup off, but when I travel, my skin always suffers from hard water and changes of climate, so I also need to apply cream in the morning, and I found this cream more than 3 years ago from Benefit. It’s the Total Moisture one, it moisturises really well without leaving my skin oily, so it’s perfect for daytime with my sensitive combination skin ! I bought the full version and I put it in the small pot I got from a travel set whenever I run out 🙂

Benefit Fine one one

Benefit Fine one one – 33,95€ at Sephora (affiliate link)

Express glow ! It is supposed to be for the lips and the cheeks, but I only use it on my cheeks. You don’t need a brush, you just put some on your cheekbones, you blend with your fingers, and Bob’s your uncle ! It sounds like a gadget, but when you’re traveling, it’s really handy !

Bleach dyes

Bleach London miniatures set – £4 at Boots

Having coloured hair when travelling is always annoying, because you don’t want to faff around with 3 litres of hair products. So I mix my dyes ahead and I put them in small containers I had gotten from Bleach last year, that way I can dye my hair on the spot !

Soap & Glory Flake away body scrub

Soap & Glory Flake away, 50ml, £2,50 on the official website or at Boots

Every time I go the the United Kingdom, I resist not bringing home the all Soap & Glory booth… the packagings are really nice and the scents are awesome… but I refrain myself because the ingredients aren’t the best (silicone and stuff). That being said, there are 3 or 4 products I always grab, their hand cream (already reviewed here), their hand sanitiser, their conditioner and their body scrub ! This scrub is perfect, it smells good, it exfoliates really well, but without being to harsh, and it leaves the skin extra soft because it moisturises as well.

I’m a huge fan of this product, and I was really glad to find it in a travel size at the Glasgow airport Boots (you can find it in any airport Boots in the UK), and as a bonus, Boots often has deals on these products, like “buy 2 get 1 free” so I rarely hesitate !

Soap & Glory Glad hair day conditionner

Soap & Glory Glad hair day, 50ml – £2,50 on the official website or at Boots

Let’s continue with another Soap & Glory product that I got with the “buy 2 get 1 free” deal ! I had already tried it, and even thought it contains silicone, I love it. It makes my hair really soft and supple, and my hair doesn’t turn awful when I stop using it, so from time to time it’s nice, and it’s perfect for travelling, so I really enjoy the travel size !

Batiste Dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo, 50ml – £1,50 at Boots and now at Monoprix (but I’m not sure they carry the travel size )

At home, I usually use the “UK” scent for its smell and its perfect texture that’s not too heavy on the hair, but since the UK scent isn’t sold in a travel size, when I travel, I adapt and I use the floral scent. I still haven’t found a better dry shampoo, Batiste is perfect for my hair type (and my volume), it’s not too heavy and it brushes off easily. Bonus point, they don’t dry out the hair, contrary to the Klorane one that caused me to loose some hair last summer when my hair was really weak after all the bleaching…


Here you are, my little list of products I carry with me everywhere ! I added where to find them in stores or online, but I simply bought most of mine at airports duty-free stores 🙂

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