Resolution : wear more skirts

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions, I’d rather make changes at my own pace and not impose things. But with the beginning of the New Year, the brand Boohoo asked what “fashion” resolution I would make.

Wear more skirts. I made this “resolution” a few months ago already because I was going round and round in circles with my dresses. Since then, I bought a ton of skirts and I can’t wait to show them to you ! Here is the last one in date, a black high-waisted corduroy skirt, exactly what I love wearing day to day !

On another note, please excuse my absence from the blog last week, because I was going back to work, it was my priority, but it’s all good, I have scheduled posts and the blog is going to be busy ! I updated my Disneyland Paris post with a billion tips and tricks and I created a “shopping list” page on which you will be able to see all the things I’ve been wanting to shop lately ! See you very soon !


Boohoo corduroy skirt ( gift from the brand – affiliate link)

Boohoo crop top (gift from the brand – affiliate link)

Slaves Perfecto

Dr. Martens Brogues “tattoo”

Michael Kors Trio bag Bedford


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