Ratatouille, the new crazy adventure with Rémy !

On Monday, I was visiting my family near Paris, and I took advantage of the trip to got to Disney with my grand-father (the same one who used to take me there every school vacations when I was a kid) to test the new Ratatouille attraction that opened at Disneyland Paris a few weeks ago !

A small square has been created near Toy Story Playland in Walt Disney Studios, with the attraction, but also a restaurant : le Bistrot chez Rémi !

Pictures taken from the press kit (I didn’t have my camera with me) !

 photo ratatouille-disney-01.jpg

The area is really cute, full of details and you can feel the amount of work that was put in to recreate a small parisian square inside the park ♡

 photo ratatouille-disney-09.jpg

Let’s talk about the attraction ! We were lucky to go on a day when there was almost no one in the park (20 minute long waiting time for the Train de la Mine in the middle of the afternoon, I don’t know if you realise ?!) but there was already an hour of waiting time for the Ratatouille attraction. On crowded days, the line can get up to 4 hours… To avoid that, if you’re coming to the park especially to test this attraction, come during the week (to avoid the more crowded days) and try to arrive early so you can grab a Fastpass, you’ll have access to the Fastpass line (at least there’s one) !

The hour long waiting goes by really fast, there are lots of things to keep you entertained while in the waiting line !

 photo ratatouille-disney-07.jpg

Once inside, we are in the middle of Paris’ roofs. The music, the sound background, everything is made to make you feel like you’re in Paris !

And how about the attraction in itself ?

We’re sitting in small carts for 4 people, shaped like really cute rats. They’re not moving on tracks, which is a bit unsettling at the beginning because all the carts move in different directions, in a way that you will never experience the attraction the same, because all the carts go randomly.

So, once you’re sitting in your rat-cart, we all move in every directions, leading to Gusteau’s kitchen, in 4D (you also have glasses). There are both real settings, and settings on a screen, to put us into Ratatouille’s world, to the point that you almost believe you’re not higher than 10cm. It is sharp, but long enough, the attraction lasts about 4 minutes, which is enough to enjoy it and not feel frustrated after the hour long wait.

The 4D effect is really good, so much so that I actually took off my glasses to try and understand how it was made, but in vain, I couldn’t figure out how the screens were arranged in such a realistic way.

 photo ratatouille-disney-03.jpg

Overall, I think this attraction is super cool, and really well made ! It feels really good to see something new at the studios ! It is worth the hour of wait 🙂 Don’t hesitate and do it several times if you can, just to be able to enjoy all the details of the attraction.

And bonus points for the cute song “le festin” from the movie, that you can hear during the waiting part ♡

 photo ratatouille-disney-11.jpg photo ratatouille-disney-02.jpg

In addition to the attraction, there is a restaurant, “Le bistrot chez Rémy” on the same small square. I didn’t had the chance to go and eat there, but I went inside 🙂

Inside, it feels like you got miniaturized, between giant bottles of wine, and chairs made from champagne caps.

The menu is 39,99€, and it looks mouth-watering : you can choose from cod, beef or a vegetarian dish (and everything is served with a side of mashed potatoes and ratatouille). There is also some salad as a starter, desert, coffee and one drink, everything is included in the menu. It think it’s a bit expensive, but it’s inside the park, and everything is home-made and fresh, from the vegetables to the deserts !

So, if you’re passing through Disneyland Paris, go check the new attraction, it’s really different from what you can find in the park, and puts you right back into the movie !

 photo ratatouille-disney-04.jpg

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