Payot’s Pâte grise and its covering stick

Miracle product alert ! Strangely enough, I had never tested a purifying treatment for blemishes… and it’s a shame that I’m only discovering Payot’s pâte grise when I’m 25, whereas it had been doing miracles for several years already… but better late than never, as they say.

As a teenager I got my fair share of acne, but it wasn’t that bad, I could easily conceal it with some make-up, so it wasn’t so bad for me at that time. It’s harder when you’re 25 and you thought that acne was over. My adult acne has reduced since last year, but I still get some nasty spots from time to time, and it’s a pain in the neck to get rid of them. I had heard about the purifying line from Clinique (that costs a fortune) so I never got it, and when Payot offered to try its Pâte grise and covering stick, I went for it and on the day I received it, I had my face covered in small heaps of the grey paste before going to bed, and after only a week of testing it, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it !

Payot Pâte grise : 21.50€ for a 15ml jar (gift from the brand)

Payor Stick couvrant : 17.50€ for a 1.6g stick (gift from the brand)


You apply the Pâte grise locally with a cotton bud on the spots you want to clear out at night before going to bed and after washing your face.

You can apply the Stick couvrant like any other corrector when you’re putting your make-up on.

The Pâte grise effect

The Pâte grise contains extracts of schist, talc, sweet almond zinc oxide. It is going to accelerate the maturation process of small spots, and they will disappear faster. It also decongests big red spots, or infected spots (so glam’), and in the long run, the paste will help regulating oil.

The covering stick completes the paste action during the day. It helps conceal, but it has also extracts of schist to purifies spots during the day.

My opinion ? The Pâte grise impressed me, my spots were gone in 48 hours without leaving any scar. As soon as I see a spot coming, I apply some paste at night, and the next morning, I wake up with a tiny spot, and after a second night (so two applications in total), the spot is almost (if not completely in most of the cases) gone ! Only drawbacks, the smell and the texture ! The smell is bareable, but really not pleasant (especially if you are not sleeping alone) and the texture could stain your sheets… I personally sleep on my back, so it’s not that big of a deal, but you can forget about your stark white pillowcase if you sleep with your face buried in it…

As for the stick, honestly, I can’t really see the results, the paste effect is so fast that I don’t know if the stick helps in any way, all I can say is that the colour is good for covering spots and that the texture is nice and easy to apply, it doesn’t make the spot stand out, it blurs it efficiently.

In a nutshell, I really recommend the Pâte grise to combat the occasional spots, and judging from the size of the tub, you will get your money worth ! I heard some reserved reviews on it, I think it’s like a lot of skincare products, it might not work for every skin, but in my case (dehydrated sensitive skin with small imperfections), it clearly worked wonders, so thanks thanks thanks to Payot, my skin is feeling better 🙂


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