My Valentine’s Day selection on Etsy

Etsy… Whenever I browse on this website, I stay there for hours… Between the awesome candles (candles that smell like old books ♡), vintage jewelries and the coolest stationery… I rarely end up not ordering something. This time, Etsy offered me to make my ideal whish list for Valentine’s Day… here it is !

I couldn’t fit everything I spotted in just one post, so I redirect you also to my Etsy favourites, it will be easier 🙂 In the meantime, here is my little selection !

Post in collaboration with Etsy

For jewelry, I’m a big fan of raw materials and uncut diamonds, I found several shops selling this kind, By Angeline and Happy little gems, with extraordinary jewelry ! Of course, it’s not cheap, but I think it’s a nice change from ordinary engagement rings… if you’re putting hundreds of euros in a jewel, might as well be something unique !

My Valentine’s Day whishlist isn’t made up of only jewelries, so I made a little home decor, fashion selection and I also found a bunch of cute candle shops… Here’s the selection ! You can find the links underneath the picture, go and check each item’s shop later, there are some awesome things in every shop, like these glittery boots for only 50$ !


Wall Planter DiamondPlant Mister • Time Turner Necklace (cf Harry Potter) • Aquamarine ring • Mint pencils • Glass house • Macramé wall hanging • Quartz and diamond ring • Quartz ring • Glittery shoes • Twin Peaks candle • Unicorn farts candle •

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