Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick

I’ve been drooling of envy for so long on Kat Von D’s cosmetics… I finally was able to put my hand on an everlastinf liquid lipstick thanks to a friend who was in the States this summer. They are not available in France yet, but they arrived in Spain, so it’s worth a shot talking about them, because they’re not that far from our French Sephora…

Kat Von D fascinates me, she is a real multitasker and her cosmestics line (available on Sephora US) has a lot of darker, original colours, that you don’t really see anywhere else (green, blue or black lipsticks, etc…). The line is rock, almost Gothic, but it can work for anyone, and as a bonus, it is cruelty free, and even vegan for most of the products !


Today, I want to talk about the everlasting liquid lipstick, a product I was attracted by the more in her line, because of the ultra matte effect ! I chose the shade Nosferatu, an intense dark red, I didn’t had anything in these hues, and I’m in love !

The application is simple, the doe foot applicator gives an even application and the texture doesn’t dry too fast, which gives you time to spread nicely the colour. If at first sight it looks like a gloss, it dries and becomes matte, and does not budge.

As for the staying power, I’m really satisfied, the lipstick really stays long and doesn’t streak. It took me a few try to master it, at first it was a failure, I used to get lipstick on my teeth and all around my mouth, but I’ve learnt to let the product dry on my lips for 2 minutes before closing my mouth, and now the lipstick really stays on. So, remember, do not close your mouth right after you’ve applied it, let it dry. Except for this small beginner disappointment, I’m looking forward to the new shades, Kat’s tutorial videos make me want to get half her line…


The everlasting liquid lipstick is available here on the Sephora US website for $20, which is reasonable for the amount of product you get. If you want to have a look at the rest of the Kat Von D line, it’s here and you can see quite a few things on the Instagram account ! Now, let’s hope that Sephora France will soon start to commercialise the brand 🙁





Have a nice day !

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