I tried the Benefit Brow Bar

Until this morning, I had never plucked my eyebrows. I would on occasion fill them in a little, but I’d always refuse to pluck them because the shape wasn’t that bad.

“Not that bad”, so not disastrous, but not awesome either, so after years of fighting off brow plucking, I gave in and booked an appointment at Benefit’s Brow Bar at Sephora, and it was this morning !

If you were on the fence about trying out their Brow Bar, today, I can say it, go ahead ! I had only heard good things about it and I can confirm, the Benefit “beauticians” follow your natural brow shape and don’t overpluck, so you’re not going to end up with the cliché messed up extra thin brows.


The waxing starts with a small form to read and fill up about the potential allergies and other things, and then, we get to work ! She started by reshaping the brows with wax, then she plucked with tweezers what was left. To finish, she applied a soothing gel to the waxed area, she concealed the redness with the Boing concealer and she fixed my eyebrows with the Gimme brow ! In total, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes and I’m really pleased with the result ! FYI, you can add to the basic service, and for 10€ more, you can have your eyebrows tinted to finish up the shape, and that way you don’t have to fill them in everyday !

After the waxing, I asked for some advice for my brows, by chance, they are pretty full, so I mostly have to brush them and fix them… the Benefit lady showed me Benefit products (obviously) but their use didn’t really fit me, so I bought the small eyebrow kit from Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani which I’ll talk about very soon !


Benefit Brow bar eyebrow waxing : 22€

Available in most Sephora stores, in Nantes you can get them done at Sephora Feltre downtown, at the Atlantis store, but also at Beaulieu and in St-Sebastien, and you can find the Brow bar closest to you here.


PS : I’m wearing the lipstick La petite robe noire from Guerlain in the shade Pink tie (affiliate link)

See you very soon !

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