Highlights #135

It has been a while since I’ve written a highlights post, but I have a ton of thing to talk about and a bunch of draft posts so now is the occasion !

Before I start, quick announcement, Spartoo launched its M.I.N.E tool, aka “My inspiration never ends”, which allows you to create look associations to inspire you. This dress with these shoes, this jacket with this bag… It makes it easier to visualise your purchases, to get inspired, and only order when you’re really sure ! I use it quite often, but only with shoes, to be able to compare different options and only buy one pair… If you want to try it, it’s here !

Let’s get back to business ! I was out and about quite a lot lately, and spent a few hours riding buses, and so I totally destroyed my back, so I have to tell you that I was pretty glad when I got offered to test the Baïja line at the Terres essentielles institute (rue Mercoeur in Nantes) for a massage !


Baïja is a cosmetic line that went all over the world to bring back products and scents from the whole world to create complete lines. As far as I’m concerned, for my massage, I picked from the Céladon line, with hints of Green tea and Jasmine ! The oil used for the massage was really nice, and it dried pretty quickly, so I wasn’t all sticky and shinny when I left the salon ! After such a treat, the scent of green tea and jasmine lingered all day long, and now I want all the line… so I might get the awesome room spray <3



And here’s why I spent so many hours riding in buses… I went to Paris, London and Cardiff for concerts and events, and I came back home (as always with road trips) completely exhausted, I’m too old for this… Anyway, I had a blast, and I hope I’ll be able to show you my recap video really soon, but it’s not easy to put together all the short clips of the different concerts… But I’ll manage it 🙂


It felt really good to go back to London, I’ll always be a huge fan of this city where I feel like at home. I’m starting to have my routine and habits when I go there, and it was a pleasure to wander there without having to look at a map every two seconds !


In Camden, I experienced one of the best concerts of my life, Arcane Roots, a band I’ll talk more about soon ! I came back with the biggest post-concert bruises I’ve ever had, but also with the feeling to have lived something extraordinary, this band is awesome and they’ll be at La Maroquinerie in Paris on November 19 if you’re interested in seeing them live !


I took the bus to Cardiff with girlfriends to see Twin Atlantic playing live for Budweiser, there was beer, good music, but it was way too cold to enjoy it fully (first concert wearing a coat and a scarf), which was a shame, but it was still nice !


In London I also went to my first Editors concert on their new tour (I had seen them 3 times already before that), I talked about their last album here, and since this concert, I’m 10 times more in love with them. This album is not perfect, but it’s different, and it has the merit of not being on the same tradition as the previous albums, and it is a really good live album ! Despite the technical problems they had during this concert, the band didn’t cop out and the show went on until the end, which made me want to see more of it… so I booked tickets for their Bordeaux and Marseille concerts in December… after having gone to their Paris concert last week !


A concert that happened to be one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever been to ! The Trianon has that little charm that makes rock concerts unforgettable every time… and it was the case once again !


The band was on fire, so was the audience, and it felt good to see how welcoming they were to the new album ! I regret even less the fact that I got tickets for their two French concerts in December… I’m still over the moon 6 days after the concert…


What was even cooler was that Editors made a great pick for their guest band… it was Twilight Sad who opened all of their concerts of this tour, and they rocked !


Not without being extremely excited (you can tell by my face), I met the band after their parisian concert and was able to talk to them and have them sign the setlist I got after their concert ! They are Scottish and adorable (but do I have to mention that all Scottish are adorable ?), I can’t wait to see them live again, they are bursting of energy during concerts and it’s amazing to watch !


Ah, and after the concert, we waited for the Editors members, and here again we were able to talk to them, take pictures, and have stuff signed. Special shoutout to Justin (the guitarist) who hold us against him to warm us up, because, and I quote him “How can it be colder in Paris than in England ?”, yeah, same question here, but in any case, it was freezing.


Back in Nantes, I thought I would be able to wear my brand new JC de Castelbajac coat bought at the outlet “A l’ombre des marques” (Decré neighbourhood, right next to La Poste) but noooo, because it was warm outside ! I’m not going to complain, but I have a million coats to wear and I would like to use them this winter (but I’m sure I’ll get my money worth for New Year’s Eve in Edimbourg) !

I bought two coats, but I’m not sure I’ll keep the second one… I have to decide ! But in any case, I’m a fan of the short coat I bought, green with a tartan pattern, it’s going to spice up my winter outfits !


On another note, I received at the beginning of the month the beautiful book Street Tattoo by The Tattoorialist team. It makes me want to cover my arms with beautiful artworks !


During our last stay in the Southwest of France, I bought a candle a bit different from what I usually get, from Helder Supply, a candle from Lola James Harper called The Music Studio on Trufo Street, a blend of floral and musk scents, awesome to burn during the fall !


On the same cocooning note, last week I cooked flatbreads, sorts of flat mini pizzas, and it was awesome, I can’t wait to make more of them !


I also made lemon water in an IKEA jar, to keep it in the fridge, but it was a little bland, next time, I’ll add more lemon, and mint too !


In England, I got some stuff from the oh-so cute Fifi Lapin for Boots collection ! The good news is that it’s available here on Boots international, so you can buy it from France <3 I’ll talk more about it this week on the blog !


Speaking of rabbit, Boudou is growing back his winter mane <3


And speaking of cute stuff, here’s the Tsum tsum Halloween collection, inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas !


And less cute, here’s how I ran on Saturday morning with the Happy Running Crew ! A 5K run, it was my first time running such a distance, a miracle since I couldn’t go past 4K and since my last run had been a 2.6K because of a cold… In any case, I’m really happy to have done it, thanks to the crew because the group effect really helped me push !


On that note, I wish you a beautiful week, see you real soon for an autumnal look and to talk about the Fifi Lapin for Boots collection in more details !

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