Highlights #134

A new week of highlights, with ants in the pants 🙂

Let’s start by a stand up paddle ride that I did with Nunien and l’Autruche, and lead by Alexis from Sup Xperience ! I’ve done it several times, in the Basque country, in Pornichet, in the Réunion island, but it was my first time in Nantes… We rode for approximately an hour and a half, following the Parc de la Jonelière, and it was really great ! Alexis offers that type of afterworks up until late September (after that it will be too cold), and if you’re in Nantes, I highly recommend trying it before the weather changes !


While we’re on the topic of Nantes, I’m organizing a Yelp party at the English candyshop Q&K this Thursday ! On the menu, sampling of candies and a bunch of gifts from partners to win (a Fossil bag, glasses from l’Usine à lunettes), so I highly encourage you to sign in if you’re available from 7:30pm on Thursday evening, go here to sign in on Yelp !


Let’s move on to a pretty nice piece of news, BT London goes into partnership with the French creator Aurélie Chadaine who makes cute flaps for shoes and clutches for a collection that has a bunch of stuff to “pimp” our basics shoes ! Glitters, leopard prints, and gold stuff… Everything is already available on Spartoo !

Spartoo capsule BTLondonXAurÇlieChadaine

Beautiful colours in Nantes’ sky last week…


The next day, I took the train to Paris for a crazy day… but with 3 hours of delay because of the SNCF…


No problem, once I arrived, I wandered in Paris to get pictures of the most emblematic places, starting with the Butte Montmartre and its beautiful view…


In the evening, rendez-vous at the Swarovski showroom for a floral night to discover the new collection !


I’m not the biggest fan of jewelries, I only wear a few, mostly thin and classical ones, but I’m kind of attracted to the statement necklaces, and I saw a bunch of them there, and I could easily picture myself wearing them with a simple little black dress, like this one for example <3


Back to Nantes the next day, but before that, I went for a quick visit to Disney, you can read my post on that subject here !


I had flipped through it at the train station, but once I was back home in Nantes, I was finally able to read the latest issue of As You Like Magazine and see my face in it ! I’m not saying this because I’m in it, but it’s a really interesting magazine, it’s a blend between the good side of written press with the relevance of “blogging” topics, I really enjoy reading it every month !


After a busy week, we took a break at the beach with friends, I always value these moments doing nothing, somewhere else…


And on Sunday night, we ended the weekend at 180g, AKA the best pizza place in Nantes, if you hadn’t understand it yet <3


Back to school means back to dyeing my hair !


This summer, I let my hair alone (which did it good), and now that it’s healthier, I’m going to have them cut (tomorrow) and I’ve started dyeing it again, the peachy-pink I love is back… long after the blue dye had stained my hair !


The blog is back at full speed now (it was about time) and Boudou loves to crash all of my photos…


FYI, this week, I’ve tried Disney Infinity 3.0 and you can win a PS4 version of the game on my social medias ! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂


On Saturday, I met with l’Autruche who was presenting the new Sonial Rykiel collection in its Nantes’ store, and it was awesome !


On Sunday, the end of a tiring week for Boudou who now naps a lot underneath the armchair <3


The end of the week was a bit tiring because after a swimming session, we decided to go for a run ! It was pretty cool because we had good weather conditions, and a good rhythm !


Back to work on Monday with my new desk diary, and I’ll talk about it in more details later this week on the blog !


On that note, see you very soon !

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