Disneyland Paris in Instax mini !

Judging from the amount of pictures of Disneyland Paris I post, you’re starting to know the park practically as well as I do ! So, in order to change from the traditional pictures, this time I brought my Instax mini to photograph the park !

“Unfortunately” it was a very luminous day, so a lot of the pictures are overexposed, but let’s say that’s part of the charm of Instax ^^

 photo Disney-instax-08.jpg photo Disney-instax-01-2.jpg photo Disney-instax-10.jpg photo Disney-instax-09.jpg photo Disney-instax-12.jpg photo Disney-instax-18.jpg photo Disney-instax-11.jpg photo Disney-instax-15.jpg photo Disney-instax-13.jpg photo Disney-instax-04-2.jpg photo Disney-instax-06.jpg photo Disney-instax-05.jpg photo Disney-instax-19.jpg

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