Dear Santa, don’t forget my shoes

It has been a few years since I’ve stopped putting my shoes in front of the chimney hoping to find gifts inside them the day after, but I still hope to get a new pair of shoes for Christmas. You might have already guessed it from my Christmas wish list, but here is my sneakers selection from Courir !

The website is derived from the shops, and is specialised in sneakers and sport articles. Now, they have a really good selection of various brands, from the golden Stan Smith to the Iso 1.5 Vans (my latest favourites with their earthy pattern) !

And what you should remember from all of this is that from this week up until December 24, the website Courir offers one order per day to one of its customers. It’s now or never your chance to add one gift under the Christmas tree, so I made you a selection (in partnership with the brand) to give you some ideas 🙂 Good luck for the free pair, and see you very soon, because after that, we’re going to talk about home decor gifts ideas and looks, and more and more looks again !





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