A year later…

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Non classé

It has already been a year since Nunien and I came back from our best trip ever… 20 days across the United Kingdom, 10 of them being in Scotland where we were literally dazzled. When I saw people in my twitter timeline talking about the T in the Park (the Scottish festival for which we visited the highlanders country), I felt the need to get back into that trip, and I spent my day sorting and retouching again my favourite pictures to have them printed, so here are some of them in this post ! And for those of you who are interested, go back a year from here on the blog to see the post about our road trip in Scotland !

Why did I retouch them again ? Because in the meantime, I got better on Lightroon, and because before printing pictures, I wanted them to have the perfect finish I was looking for. Before I print a real photo album (I kept everything to make a cool album, from the plane tickets to the confetti from the T in the Park), I will print some on a big format, the website Prentu offered to do it, I will report on how it went, I am usually not a big fan of big printing, they often look of poor quality. And I’m also going to receive small photos in a Polaroïd size to decorate the apartment with pictures (our walls are empty right now), I’m excited to show you everything, in the meantime, here are the 3 or 4 pictures I plan on framing.




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