Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

You’ve probably already heard about the Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay collection, but I couldn’t not talk about it here, it’s the make-up collection that excited me during this beginning of the year !

I really like Gwen Stefani and here music, so a make-up collection inspired by her really attracted me ! it all began when I bought the eyeshadow palette early January, and after that, helped by Sephora coupons and deals, I bought one, two then three lipstick, and after going to the Benefit Brow Bar, I ended up buying the brow kit ! How about a review of all of this ?

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Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay eyeshadow palette • Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay brow kit in Bathwater blonde •  Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay lipsticks in 714, Wonderland and Rock Steady


With a 25% reduction at Sephora, the eyeshadow palette became rather affordable, and its neutral but fun shades were eyeing me up, especially the shades “Plum”, a burgundy/purple extremely pretty and “Serious”, a pretty purple/dark brown I use all the time !


The staying power of Urban Decay is not to demonstrate anymore, and this palette really became my favourite, it put all my Naked palettes on the back burner ! The only drawback is the shade “Harajuku”, a pink very… pink, that I couldn’t really use, but I use all the other shades, so we can say that the palette is worth its price ^^When I bought the palette, there were samples of the lipsticks provided with it, and I had to to suffer in silence until the release of the rest of the Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay collection, and its lipsticks that follow !


Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay lipsticks in 714, Wonderland and Rock Steady


The most recent purchase in the shade “Wonderland” is a really intense red, almost fuchsia, it’s reaaaally pigmented, and the result is extremely glamorous, it makes the lips full and the shine is right on, no too little, not too much !


The shade “Rock Steady” is the very first one I bought from the collection, I was looking for a nice deep red and this one happened to be perfect !


And finally, the beautiful shade “714” is an awesome matte cool red shade, which is a twist from the shades I already had. The pictures aren’t the most flattering, but FYI, i’m wearing it here ! I’m seriously considering buying a back up in case I finish this one !


The lipsticks from the collection are perfect, all the shades were really well-thought, and I have to say I was surprised to be able to find original shades of lipstick… What’s more, this lipsticks have an amazing staying power… The creamy finishes might need some touch up during the day, but the matte one easily stays on all day ! Before I give in for other shades, shall we move on to the brows ?


Until I tested the waxing from benefit’s brow Bar, and even until I tried plucking my eyebrows at all, I would never have thought I would ever buy a palette just for my eyebrows, and theeen, my eyes saw this one. The “Bathwater blonde” palette offers two shades of taupe eyeshadow that will suit a good majority of people, and in my case, the colours are perfect ! I use the darkest one to draw on the shape and the lightest one to fill them in, and the wax can be used to tame the wild brow hairs ! Underneath the pans are to small brushes and a pair of twizzers, but it’s more of a gadget thing since they are so small, but it can come to the rescue when travelling !

In the end, here’s the whole collection ! Here I’m wearing the lipstick int he shade “Wonderland”, probably my favourite from the line ♡ How about you, have you gave in to the collection, or am I the only one who became totally crazy when I saw it ? Have a great weekend everyone !


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