Take a bow

This is a pretty simple outfit but with some of my new favourite pieces, that is to say : cute pastel sneakers and a little black dress with tied sleeves ♡

Well, I had a hard time shooting this outfit because it happened between two rain showers, with a big sinusitis that gave me a headache and while a demonstration was going on in Nantes… I’m telling you, a hard time. But in the end, we rushed it and we managed to go through all of that, and cherry on top, the sun is back now, so I can make up for my late outfit shootings at the end of the week !


She inside dress (gift from the brand)

Stradivarius Slip-ons

Paul’s boutique bag (gift from the brand)









About Marine

J'ai 27 ans et des cheveux qui changent de couleur au gré de mon humeur. J'aime les rouges à lèvres, les chaussures, les voyages, la musique et les tatouages.

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