5 things about me


I’m 25, I grew up among the vineyards in Burgondy but I’ve been living in Nantes for 7 years now. Next to the blog, I’m a freelance community manager (I help brands to create and apply a social media strategy).

Nunien stands my love for the Tsum Tsum, bunnies, Green Day, little poney hair and many other things since 2007 but we both share the love for Star Wars, Back to the future, Adventure time and pop culture in general.

Disneyland Paris is kind of my 2nd home, I use my Disney pass more often than my Sephora gold card.

I’m in love with music and I’m worshiping some bands. I love to wait in front of venues and travelling around Europe (and why not the world) to see my favorite bands playing, Biffy Clyro at the top of the list.

I got tattooed for the first time the 21th of march, 2014 and for the 6th time the 21th of march, 2015. You know what they say, once we started…

5 things about Les dessous de marine

I started this blog in 2009 ♡

Blog illustrations have been done by Sibylline, the blog theme is from Theme Forrest, I bought it and customed it by my own then.

My blog is a WordPress blog, hosted by OVH. I was on Jimdo before but I changed due to low blog solutions.

I accept partnership as long as they fit my blog and my personal tastes. You’ll find sponsored contents and affiliate links but it’s always mentioned.

You always ask me what do I use to take my pictures. I have a Canon EOS 6D that I use with a 50mm 1.2L and a 25-105L lenses. I always take my pictures alone with a tripod or sometimes Nunien tooks me in pictures.

Here we are, if you have any other questions, you can contact me here!

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